Suzhou Hongjiu aviation insulation material technology co., LTD. 

        Suzhou Super long Aviation heat  Resistance material technology Co., LTD. (herein after referred to as : Super long) is located in taicang city, jiangsu province people south road No. 162 ,Taicang science and technology enterprise incubation center, on November 11, 2011 was registered in suzhou industrial and commercial bureau, is one devotes to the research of aeronautics and astronautics insulation heat type of the new material research and development company of new and high technology enterprises.In recent years, the company has passed the national intellectual property management system certification, has been rated as national intellectual property advantage enterprises and Jiangsu province private science and technology enterprises, won the Jiangsu province enterprise postgraduate workstation, Suzhou engineering technology center and Taicang university students see internship base.

    Super long aviation materials has set up joint laboratories in Shanghai, Beijing, xi 'an, chengdu, shenyang and other aviation and aerospace industry clusters, and has established good cooperative relations with enterprises of the aerospace institute.Superlong aviation materials is willing to cooperate with colleagues from all walks of life to develop together and provide new and old customers with aviation high-end innovative materials, solutions, technologies, services and products.Macro long supply chain and the Ohio state university nano materials research institute, university of California, Davis, fiber and polymer science research institute, the university of Oxford Brooks insulation materials center, the Swiss federal material science and technology laboratory, Shanghai jiaotong university, Nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics and changzhou university established the industry-university-institute cooperation relations, research and development for the company to provide a steady stream of thought and energy.

    Since its establishment, the company has applied for more than 280 patents, 51 authorized invention patents, 14 authorized utility model patents, 11 registered trademarks, 2 enterprise standards and 3 high-tech products, providing strong intellectual property support for the company's r&d, production, sales and processing.Company also have 2015 focus on research and development plan of Jiangsu province, Suzhou special - 2015 enterprise technical innovation engineering technology research center, Suzhou 2015 transformation of scientific and technological achievements for the record, Taicang 2014 patent implementation plan, Taicang 2015 science and technology enterprise technology innovation fund, the results obtained 2017 Jiangsu province scientific and technological progress second prize, "克利夫兰® nano heat insulation panel" awarded a gold medal at a 2018 super thermal insulation material and application of international BBS.