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 克利夫兰®B vacuum insulation panel

Application: building interior and exterior wall, roof, floor, ground, etc

克利夫兰®B insulation panel produced by our company has a thermal conductivity of 0.0052-0.008w /(m·K), and the infinite encapsulation can greatly reduce the thermal bridge effect, so as to create a high-performance thermal insulation system for the building with high efficiency and energy saving, fully meeting the national standard of 75% energy saving.Made of 99% inorganic materials, without any adverse effects on the environment and human body.Stable insulation effect, no worries.

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Product introduction:

Cleveland ® is a research and development of Suzhou Superlong aviation materials technology co., LTD. and we have registered our trademark of VIP.
1.Cleveland ® B innovative vacuum insulation panel adopts inorganic fiber blend of ultrafine silicon dioxide as A core material, high vacuum blocking film as A barrier material, through high vacuum pumping system, effectively overcome the STP, vacuum leakage after insulation panel on the wall, get A bag, the drum, and ultra high efficiency and energy saving and A fireproof performance, product performance is stable and durable.
2. Scope of application: it can be widely used in the internal wall, external wall, roof and floor insulation of new and old house renovation projects of public and civil buildings, and can be extended to the field of mobile houses.

aerosil core materials

Product features:

1. efficient insulation: low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation performance is 5 times of rock wool, polystyrene board 4 times, can meet all kinds of building 75% energy saving standards, greatly reduce the insulation thickness
2. Class A fire resistance: made of 99% inorganic materials, non-toxic and non-irritating, meeting the A1 fire resistance standard, non-combustible in case of fire.
3. Lightweight and high strength: thin thickness, light weight, high strength, quick construction, convenient storage and transportation.
4. Moisture-proof and waterproof: zero moisture absorption and moisture absorption, more stable heat insulation effect.

Product performance index:

Product advantages:
1. High efficiency and energy saving, meeting the highest national insulation design standards, effectively reducing insulation thickness and increasing usable area
2. comprehensive cost is lower: A class fire prevention, remove the fire isolation belt, fire doors and Windows cost, comprehensive cost is more cost-effective
3. safe and reliable: plate does not rise bag, not drum, wall is more secure;Stable insulation effect, no worries.
4. Million square meters of production capacity, scale of professional enterprises, confidence assurance
5. professional business, technical team support, familiar with the industry rules, processes, to provide you with a full range of technical, data and business support
6. Environmental protection: recycling of mineral waste, without OD material, green and environmental protection, in line with national policy guidance.
Product display:

Overview of building thermal insulation system:

Placed outside the external wall of the building, the STP external wall insulation system is composed of bonding mortar, interface agent, STP insulation board, plaster mortar, alkali resistant glass fiber mesh cloth, (rivets, flexible putty) coating or brick decorative surface layer.
The practical application:

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