Suzhou Hongjiu aviation insulation material technology co., LTD. 
Talent strategy

Talent is our core competitiveness, Hongjiu was founded at the beginning will pay attention to the cultivation of talents. For every one of our talents tailored a set of gold belongs to the occupation development channel , Hongjiu in improving the comprehensive quality of talents and create a good cultural environment , Hongjiu constantly improve the core competitiveness in the industry, taking advantage of talent strong enterprise, talent concept strong enterprises to the innovative development of enterprises, the enterprise personnel structure optimization.

Talent concept

Encourage personnel to have both ability and political integrity, to Germany first, before the introduction of industry outstanding managers, and pay attention to the cultivation of excellent employees with potential. To create career development platform for talent, so that employees share the fruits of the development of enterprises. To pay attention to the creativity of employees, to mobilize their maximum development potential through scientific guidance and effective motivation. Through a reasonable and objective evaluation of the performance of employees, and vigorously promote and reward outstanding employees. The establishment of scientific personnel training mechanism and the atmosphere conducive to the development of staff, to put forward suggestions for development. Stimulate the maximum development potential of employees, continue to accumulate, grow together, achieve a win-win situation.

Compensation and benefits

Hongjiu offers a competitive salary system for each employee, make every employee happy work, happy growth.

Training and development

Hongjiu's corporate philosophy is "innovation and innovation", make every employee realize: only by constantly learning, to keep up with changes in the market; only innovation can be in an invincible position in the fierce competition in the market. So for everyone, innovation is always the pursuit of higher goals. People so, the enterprise is also so. In the tide of The Times, only constantly challenge self, overcome self.Take the time of the beat, in order to thrive and survive, invincible.

Recruitment Position List