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Cleveland® A vacuum insulation panel

Application: aerospace, automotive insulation, high-speed train box insulation, etc

Our company produces the 克利夫兰 ® A vacuum insulation panel coefficient of thermal conductivity in 0.002-0.010 W/(m K), high efficiency and energy saving, fully meet the national 75% energy-saving standard.Made of 99% inorganic materials, without any adverse effects on the environment and human body.Stable insulation effect, no worries.

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Product introduction:

克利夫兰 ® A Vacuum insulation panel (hereinafter referred to as: 克利夫兰® A), is made of super fine glass fiber and vacuum aluminum foil packaging composite membrane material, it can effectively prevent air convection caused by heat transfer, the obvious advantages over traditional heat preservation material coefficient of thermal conductivity is less than 0.002 w/m.k, and does not contain any OD material, has the characteristics of environmental protection and high efficiency and energy saving, is currently the world's advanced efficient thermal insulation material.

Product application:
Can be widely used in car insulation, high-speed train box insulation, aircraft insulation, rocket insulation, etc..

Product advantages:
1、High efficiency and energy saving, meeting the highest national insulation design standards, effectively reducing insulation thickness and increasing usable area
2、comprehensive cost is lower: A class fire prevention, remove the fire isolation belt, fire doors and Windows cost, comprehensive cost is more cost-effective
3、safe and reliable: plate does not rise bag, not drum, wall is more secure;Stable insulation effect, no worries.
4、Million square meters of production capacity, scale of professional enterprises, confidence assurance
5、professional business, technical team support, familiar with the industry rules, processes, to provide you with a full range of technical, data and business support
6、Environmental protection: recycling of mineral waste, without OD material, green and environmental protection, in line with national policy guidance.
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