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Super insulation material. With the application of international BBS held at home and abroad experts looking forward to new technology
(reporter li zhang) yesterday, the international vacuum insulation material BBS advisory committee annual meeting and 2018 super insulation material and application of international BBS held in the town of the city box.Experts and scholars from Canada, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Israel, the United States and domestic research institutes and enterprises made technical keynote reports and conducted exchanges.11 technical keynote reports including numerical estimation and its application prospect in the construction field.The participants also exchanged views on the development of vacuum insulation material industry, technical cooperation and personnel training.Vacuum insulation material (VIP) is a kind of vacuum insulation material, widely used in transportation, home appliances, construction and other industries.On BBS, experts and scholars made this activity jointly by the international vacuum insulation material "vacuum insulation board in cold climate material BBS (conference) advisory committee, China application performance" "steel film hard VIP silicate society thermal insulation material branch hosted.