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Pr.Luo RuiYing of BUAA visited Taicang to investigate enterprises of Industry, Education and Research
Spring breeze such as guests, a prosperous.On March 8, 2019, professor luo ruiying from Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics visited Taicang chuangzhi technology enterprise incubation center, and the leaders of Superlong aviation materials company and he section chief of Taicang science and technology bureau accompanied him for an examination.Successfully Taicang technology enterprise incubation center is Taicang national business space, located in Taicang residences town people's south road No.162, incubator with a total area of 19642.33 square meters, including the incubated enterprises use ground area of 13415 square meters, at present, there are 28 enterprises in hatch, graduated from six of the enterprise, is the town of Taicang city residences in response to state the slogan of "public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation", implement the principle of innovation to create more employment opportunities to promote economic development, set up all the space.In Taicang, the company has created and led a new innovation and entrepreneurship mode, and used the Internet intelligent system to improve the management efficiency of mass entrepreneurship space, providing a communication platform for entrepreneurs and basic services of various types and degrees.Suzhou Superlong aviation thermal protection material technology co., LTD. Is located in chuangzhi science and technology park.Actively responded to the call of national science and technology landing enterprises, through the establishment of industry-university-research relationship with enterprises, for the export of advanced patented technology for enterprises, guide enterprises innovative production, for the local science and technology and economy set up a fast road, to achieve objective benefits.Pr.Luo wants to use the experience of Superlong aviation materials for reference to set up the postgraduate workstation and the industry-university-research enterprise of Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics.The delegation visited Superlong aviation materials and preparation site in the morning. After a simple lunch, they had a further exchange in the afternoon in Taicang science and technology bureau.
Taicang is close to Shanghai and has rich resources and markets in Shanghai, which is an important advantage for the success of entrepreneurship.Taicang ecological livable, living here, people comfortable, happy;Taicang also provides very favorable policies for talents to settle down. For example, experts in the "thousand talents plan" can enjoy the subsidy of talent projects at the same level without assessment and according to direct projects.
The introduction of talents and technology enterprises in the belt and road initiative is the icing on the success of Superlong aviation materials in Taicang science and technology innovation. I hope that we can see the establishment of pr.Luo's industry-university-research base in the near future. I also wish Superlong aviation materials greater glory in the New Year!