Suzhou Hongjiu aviation insulation material technology co., LTD. 
Weijun Duan, President of iot innovation research institute of xi 'an university of technology, visited hongjiu aviation materials
On January 7, 2019, ms Internet of innovation of the institute for wei-jun duan and shaanxi delicate zhao-jian li technology development co., LTD. General manager to successfully taicang enterprise incubation center of science and technology, science and technology of suzhou macro long air heat protection material co., LTD., discuss the glass cotton production iot construction, proposed the project cooperation, the development is suitable for fiber manufacturing platform for the Internet of things, the upgrade of industry cooperation.Dean duan weijun, mainly engaged in the development and research of multimedia system, audio-visual system, wireless sensor network and network information system, has undertaken and participated in a number of national defense basic research, national natural fund and other scientific research projects, published more than 30 papers in the core journals.He was awarded the first prize of excellent teaching achievements in shaanxi province, the third prize of the air force of the people's liberation army air force, and the first prize of scientific and technological achievements in shaanxi information industry department in 2008. His team applied for the national and local joint engineering laboratory of Internet of things technology and application.Iot is a highly integrated and comprehensive application of new-generation information technology, which is of great significance for a new round of industrial reform and green, intelligent and sustainable development of economy and society.All countries in the world, especially the United States, the European Union, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries, attach great importance to the development of the Internet of things and actively carry out strategic layout in order to seize the initiative of international economic and technological competition in the future.In recent years, China's iot policy support has been continuously strengthened, technological innovation achievements have emerged one after another, application in various fields has been continuously deepened, industrial scale has maintained rapid growth, and four industrial agglomerations with beijing-tianjin, shanghai-wuxi, shenzhen-guangzhou and chongqing-chengdu as the core have been formed.Compared with the early stage of the 12th five-year plan, China has made remarkable achievements in the research and development, application demonstration and promotion of key technologies of the Internet of things, coordinated industrial development and policy and environmental construction, and has become one of the regions with the most active development of the Internet of things in the world.Through the negotiation, we have learned the importance of the Internet of things in today's era and reached friendly cooperation. Its excellent academic strength and technical strength can inject strong scientific and technological strength into the development of the company.