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2018 super insulation materials and applications international BBS successfully held in taicang

Solstice, July 15, 2018, with the strong support of taicang science and technology bureau, taicang association for science and technology, and people's government of chengxiang town, 2018 super insulation materials and applications international BBS was successfully held in taicang.This BBS by international vacuum insulation BBS advisory committee, jointly organized by China silicate insulation branch, by jiangsu province association of silicate, macro long supply chain company to undertake, attracted 7 colleges and universities, three foreign companies, 47 domestic enterprises, and other areas of the thermal insulation material related experts and scholars, research and technical personnel and more than 120 people to attend.Nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics, jiangsu Dali energy-saving technology co., LTD., guangzhou huineng environmental protection materials co., LTD., sichuan yuangui vacuum technology co., LTD., chuzhou yinxing new material technology co., LTD.The conference was hosted by zhang ping and jia xin technology Desire of China southern airlines.
BBS main venue
Director wan finch of taicang science and technology bureau, vice President hu juntao of taicang science and technology association, minister wang zhiping of science and technology association, secretary of CPC chengxiang town party committee xu hongming, deputy mayor of chengxiang town people's government zhao junchun and other officials came to congratulate the conference.Director wan finch, on behalf of taicang science and technology bureau, expressed his sincere congratulations to BBS. Director wan said that it is expected that taicang material industry will reach 100 billion yuan in 2020, and we are looking forward to the experts and representatives attending the meeting to come to "the happiest city in China" -- taicang innovation and entrepreneurship, and realize the dream.

Ms. Wan finch, director of taicang science and technology bureau, delivered a speech
On behalf of the CPC chengxiang town party committee and government, secretary xu extended warm congratulations on the opening of the conference and a warm welcome to all guests and friends.Secretary xu said that thermal insulation material technology is the 13th five-year ministry of industry and information technology focus on the promotion of fixed refrigeration appliances, mobile cold chain equipment core;It is an important guarantee for the zero energy building, passive building and prefabricated building which are developing vigorously in our country.Its market potential is huge, strategic position is outstanding.Secretary xu and eager to participate in the experts on behalf of the town in the box innovation and entrepreneurship.

Party committee of chengxiang town of the communist party of China Mr. Xu  delivered a speech

City association of science and technology vice chairman hu juntao visit guidance
Dr. Samuel delivered a speech on behalf of BBS advisory committee on vacuum insulation materials. He expressed his sincere thanks to taicang city and chengxiang town for their support. He also thanked President Chen zhaofeng and the organizing committee for their hard work.This BBS aims to analyze the international cutting-edge industry technology trends in the field of super thermal insulation materials, and strengthen personnel, technology, industrial cooperation and exchange and VIP personnel training.All the leaders affirmed the potential development prospect of the adiabatic material field and hoped to strengthen the cooperation at home and abroad, create more new scientific and technological achievements, and promote the development of the adiabatic material field.Canada PhalguniMukhopadhyaya professor at the university of Victoria, eth Zurich Samuel Brunner, Dr Alice denison - haney tower companies in the United States, the chief scientist Yoash Carmi dogwoods, Kyoto university, small to big and auxiliary professor, Dr Kinki university architecture department before rock Benedict, professor, national university professor Kim Han Guogong states and Dr Edmond, MIT Michal Ganobjak postdoctoral eight international experts, such asNanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics professor KanAnKang Chen Zhaofeng professor, Shanghai maritime university and Dr Xu tengzhou domestic experts 11 games wonderful guest report for assembly, cover the vacuum insulation panel core material, the research progress of membrane materials, vacuum insulation panel of simulation research, the aging behavior of the vacuum insulation panel and on the research and application of aerogel.The whole process of the report was translated, providing a wonderful VIP feast for domestic enterprise technicians and university researchers. The participants showed great interest in Japan's VIP sliding door and steel VIP, and expressed their eager expectation to cooperate with professor Kim from South Korea.Delegates have said that the VIP BBS held a very successful, very exciting!

Kinki university, Japan professor iwatani do entitled "steel film hard VIP"
And its applications in the field of construction.

Dr. Yoash Carmi from American Avery dennison - harnett coA special report on
several important problems affecting the performance of vacuum insulation panel

Phalguni, professor, university of Victoria, CanadaVIP application
environment in cold climate

Dr Samuel Brunner of the federal institute of technology in Zurich gave a presentation
on the topic"VIP aging behavior and durability of the problem" invited report

Professor dogsuke (Kyoto university)Effect of desiccant and getter on long-term t
hermal performance of glass fiber VIP

MIT post doc titled "aerogel.Application in the renovation
of historic buildings and monuments


Professor kan ankang from Shanghai maritime university made a talk titled "vacuum
adiabatic technology"Research on the application of cold chain logistics equipment


Dr. Edmond of gongju national university of South Korea gave a lecture entitled "VIP
in Korea"Application opportunities and challenges in thin curtain walls

Dr. tengzhou Xu , Nanjing university of aeronautics make a special invitation report “
Low cost, high performance VIP core material "

Professor zhaofeng Chen of Nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics gave a lecture
entitled "based on.Intellectual property rights of the vacuum insulation board blockchain "" invited report

After the industry-university-research cooperation since the 12th five-year plan and the 13th five-year plan, China's VIP material performance, product overall performance, as well as the application and promotion performance ranked in the forefront of the international, advisory committee experts on the exhibition of vip-related works were highly evaluated, the thermal conductivity of the entries and other core indicators have reached the international leading level.Through expert review, jiangsu energy saving technology co., LTD., guangzhou CDH in Italy can environmental protection material co., LTD., sichuan yuan gauge vacuum technology co., LTD., chuzhou silverstor new material technology co., LTD., Qingdao new energy co., LTD, suzhou macro yi Chen long air heat material technology co., LTD. Six enterprise's VIP exhibition won gold prize BBS.

BBS chairman professor zhaofeng Chen presented
the award to Hongjiu aviation materials

Professor Chen zhaofeng, chairman of BBS, presented the vacuum award for yuangui

BBS chairman professor zhaofeng Chen presented the award to Huineng

Professor Chen zhaofeng, chairman of BBS, presented the award to chuzhou yinxing

BBS chairman professor zhaofeng Chen presented the award to Jiangsu DaLi

Professor zhaofeng Chen, chairman of BBS, presented the prize to Qingdao yichen

Dr. Samuel Brunner presents the honorary certificate for this BBS excellent translator li xing (4 sessions and 5 hours)

Question and answer session
Dr. Samuel Brunner from the federal polytechnic of Zurich, on behalf of the organizing committee, presented the honorary certificates to the specially invited reporting experts, the chair of the sub-conference and the translators. Zhaofeng Chen , Samuel and Michal presented the certificate of completion to all the participants.The successful conclusion of BBS was well received by all the participants. Zhaofeng Chen professor, chairman of the BBS on behalf of the organizing committee for delegates to extend my heartfelt thanks to, he said the international vacuum insulation BBS advisory committee as the insulation industry one of the most professional and authoritative academic organization, has the responsibility to continue to carry out academic exchange activities in the industry, enhance cohesion, promote the technology innovation and development of the industry.The BBS special report is rich in content, covering the most cutting-edge information and dynamics in the field of thermal insulation materials at home and abroad, pointing out a new direction for enterprises to make strategic decisions in the market, and providing a large number of references for industry organizations to maintain the healthy and orderly operation of the industry.He hopes that the delegates will take this BBS as an opportunity to gather academic resources and broaden their horizons.Encourage innovation, accelerate the development pace of our country adiabatic material and energy-saving technology.