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Mr. Hogg, the boss of Canadian mining industry visiting China
   Spring weather in March, lake beauty as spring.
  On March 22, Mr. Hogg, the boss of Canadian mining company, arrived in Shanghai with his wife Mrs. Cheryl. Super Long aviation materials sent the minister of foreign trade to receive foreign guests and accompanied them to visit the vacuum insulation panel factory.According to the plan, We arrived in Qingdao, where the factory is located, on March 25. After getting off the plane, I went to the factory for a visit.The factory is located in the beautiful JiaoZhou bay, has the independent research and development production line, the unique edge sealing technology, the product quality is stable and reliable.
Director wang and executive vice President wang are explaining the working procedure to foreign businessmen
  Super long supply chain with the Canadian university of Victoria, in early 2019 successfully conclude the ipr cooperation relations, Mr Hogg mining company in Canada and the university of Victoria has a perennial industry-university-institute cooperation relations, as a result, Mr Hogg reached a strategic cooperation with macro by Victoria university for a long time, the line in China, aims to promote the vacuum insulation panel business in Canada.During the tour, the foreign businessmen had a better understanding of the vacuum insulation panel produced by our factory.Mr. Hogg was very interested in the self-developed production line, and joked with the factory director that he wanted to buy the whole production line.After a pleasant visit, we took a group photo in front of the finished thermal insulation panel in the factory.
Take a group photo of the factory
  On the evening of 25th, the factory held a banquet to welcome the foreign businessmen. In the morning of the second day, I went back to the office of Superlong aviation materials in Taicang and held a cooperation meeting with professor Chen zhaofeng, the general manager.At the meeting, director of foreign trade department introduced the general situation and product catalog of Superlong aviation materials, and professor Chen zhaofeng explained the development frontier of thermal insulation panel for customers based on the current advanced research.Mr. Hogg was very impressed that China has such a mature and advanced vacuum insulation panel industry, and he was very satisfied with this trip to China.Superlong aviation materials with the next step of cooperation plan.
Discuss cooperation with foreign businessmen in the next step
  After the successful completion of the China study, on the evening of 26th, Super Long aviation materials held a banquet for foreign businessmen to bid farewell and toast to a beautiful future!
Host a banquet for foreign businessmen
  Both Mr Hogg and Mrs Cheryl are in their seventies, but the heart of a man is not old.Look forward to Superlong aviation materials and Canadian merchants out of the cooperation of prosperity of the interests of flowers!